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Optimized Transportation Management

The ViaDatos Transportation Management System helps improve the transportation network's overall efficiency, service quality, and transparency. Starting with the real-time data collection of fleet activity, you maximize ROI through optimized central management, reporting, and planning.

Fleet Control

Efficient Operation

Dispatch operators can manage a greater number of assets by relying on easy real-time access to all relevant information, including anomaly alerts, automated operator communications, and condition monitoring.

Data driven decisions

Transparent Reporting

All the real-world information is at your fingertips, such as passenger traffic between stations, the total mileage a given vehicle has covered, or the total volume the entire network has carried for a given interval.

Prediction Adaptability

Coherent Planning

Based on the complete real operational data, plans for upcoming routes, shifts, and resources are automatically created and optimized for the desired parameters, such as resource utilization, network throughput, or regularity.


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